Fully equipped with all you need to get started right away.

  • One index panel (10 cm wide)
  • Three planning panels (each 35 cm wide)
  • 1680 cm of narrow magnetic textplates (10 mm high and each 20 cm long) in six colours:
  • 16 x red, 16 x white, 16 x yellow, 12 x orange, 12 x blue, 12 x green
  • 220 cm of broad magnetic textplates (20 mm high and each 20 cm long), in white for the index
  • Rails (115 cm long) and assembly material
  • A spacing strip for assembly and for drawing extra lines
  • A pen set with a white marker for drawing lines and two special black pens for writing on the magnetic textplates
  • A progress cord
  • 2 sets of scale strips
  • A manual and assembly instructions.

Price: Kr. 3.690,00 per unit.

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Lineplanner is in every respect a multi-functional system, a system that is not limited to particular types of application or time division.

For convenience Lineplanners have a pre-gridded background that is easily subdivided using the highlighter marker and spacing strip provided, enabling you to create the time scale of your choice.

Interchangeable Panels

Lineplanner’s modular construction – an invention of Efficiënta – makes it an extremely versatile system.

Getting to the end of the board? Just take the first panel from the rails, remove the textplates and then put the panel back in at the other end. This way you will retain a continual overview of planned activities.

Unique line profile

The panels are not flat, but have a unique line profile that keeps the textplates in position. The system consists of a 10-column wide index panel, three 35-column wide modular panels, wall rails and accessories. Each panel has 65 horizontal lines, creating a maximum of  7,475 planning positions.

Magnetic textplates

Lineplanner is provided complete with magnetic textplates in six bright colours. A simple movement is all that is required to relocate textplates, ensuring that your planning is always up-to-date. Unwanted vertical textplate movement is prevented by the board’s line profile.

Lineplanner always gives you an orderly view in which the textplates – as the result of a handy groove on their reverse side – can be placed both on and between the lines.

Reusable magnetic textplates

It is possible to write on the textplates using the pens provided. This enables you to add an extra dimension to your planning and to include even more data on one board.

You can wipe off text easily with a damp cloth.

Break-off magnetic textplates

The textplates have a standard length of 20 cm. However it is simple to break segments off at one centimetre intervals, to obtain the length you require.

This is just another way in which the Lineplanner system adjusts itself to your needs.