Photo pockets

Photo pockets with magnetic backing is a smart way to hang pictures on. We have designed magnetic photo pockets with a focus on visualization and flexibility. With our photo pockets can change both image and text out when I need it.

Photo pockets for home and workplace

In many places, it is important that employees are visualized with photo and name. For example, in institutions or large companies, photo pockets help clients, parents or guards to keep track of staff.

Put a face to your employees or hang the children’s school photos on your fridge with magnetic photo pockets or other photo pockets from DANO LEVEL.

Smart grid for your magnetic photo pockets

We have developed a smart grid that is particularly suitable for setting up many images or organization planning. You can even choose the color on the board for your magnetic photo pockets, and if you have specific wishes for image formats and captions, we can handle it. We customize photo pockets for your instructions and can produce magnetic texts in order.

Cabinets for photo pockets

We have designed functional cabinets where your magnetic photo pockets can be hung on a blue or white background. The cabinets come in all sizes and formats. If you need the limited outlet for your photo pockets, you can get a locker.

Call 20871986 or email us at for a good deal on creating and magnetic photo pockets.