Easy plan card board

Plan easy card boards

provides you with an overview of several hundreds cards at one go.

The easy plan card board is  particularly outstanding for its great flexibility. It simply adapts to the cards and notes that need to be clear and easy to grasp, such as:

  • Clock cards
  • Hautage lists
  • Invoices
  • Repair cards
  • Service reports
  • Master cards
  • Production cards
  • Computer lists etc.


The easy plan card board

is produced in all formats with any number of pockets, any pocket depth and any visible field required.
The pockets are made of strong vinyl in colours of your choice. All edging is silver-lacquered aluminium section, making the board extremely lightweight and handy.

With just two standard profiles and a wall rail, we can manufacture any card board to the precise height and width matching the requirements in question, either individually or in series.

The easy plan card board

For The Easy Plan card board, loose text cards can be supplied with or without text. The text cards are hung from the pockets, enhancing the boards’ flexibil

On the accompanying wall rail – which is infinitely extendable, depending on the amount of wallspace available – the boards can be hung, taken down or shifted whenever required.

It can be supplied in heights up to 2.5 m.